NIPC (National Injury Prevention Council)

The National Injury Prevention Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to minimizing injury and death due to unintentional injuries.  Unintentional  injuries account for approximately 200,000 deaths per year.  Injuries should not be a part of life.  Most are predictable and preventable.  Working together with many organizations dedicated to prevention, it is our hope that one day we can eliminate unintentional injuries.

Brandon was a 2 1/2 year old boy who's life was cut short due to a pool drowning in 1999.  The incident was predictable and preventable.  The NIPC was created so that other families would not have to suffer the loss of a loved one from an unintentional injury.  Brandon's legacy is saving lives through education, and programs that bring awareness to other families.
David and Kim Hodges founded the NIPC in 2011.  Kim has been the Executive Director since the organization began and continues to provide leadership for the organization as it grows.  With the loss of her son Brandon in 1999, Kim began  working in the injury prevention field to help bring awareness to other families.
Board of Directors
The NIPC has a Board of Directors that come from many different sectors of business and public health.